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  About Lowry Star Horses


     In 1976, Jim Bower purchased a stud colt based on one influential factor: his dam, Pretty Mandy. Jim liked
 the mare and what he had seen her produce, he had no idea what her young roan stud colt would do to his career
 in the horse world.

     Lowry Star proved to be everything his dam had promised and more. The stud launched Jim’s career as a
 breeder and trainer of exceptional Quarter Horses. After 35 years in the business, Jim has experienced the
 pleasure of breeding, training, riding, and selling some of the best horses in this country. The accolades of the
 Lowry Star breeding program continue to be achieved as generation after generation carries on the legacy of
 the great roan stud.

     Jim handpicked a Lowry Star son worthy enough of carrying on his sire’s legacy as a stud and producer of
 world-class performance horses. Lowry Star JR stands at the Bower Arena in Worland, Wyoming and covers
 15-20 mares a year.

     In addition to JR, Bower & Clark Performance horses stands Lowry Ropn Hancock, owned by Jim's partner
 Tim Clark. "Roper" is also a Lowry Star son worthy of carrying on his sire's legacy. In 2005, the 15.3hh 1450 lb
 buckskin threw 100% color in his colts, including buckskins, roans and blacks.









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